Gaskil is the main city of Tiberion and is situated on the western part, right next to the Misty Meadows. At the year of 365 it had a population around 2000 people. Most of these are peasents working on farms outside the city walls. There are also lots of merchants, making their living by buying and selling things. Working close togehter with them are the craftsmen, specialized in the art of handwork they create wonderful peaces of equipment for all people travelling through the city. Many of these travellers are coming thru the harbour, since Gaskil is a port city it has a large seaport adding a part of the city with a different kind of lifestyle. Here ships go in from both southern and northern areas. It is a well protected harbour and it´s wellknown security mostly beacase of the harboursoldiers leader Pathuk, a man working right under Oberon, the head of the Guardians of the Crown.
Since Gaskil has a history of beeing attacked from creatures of the forest and mountains it is nowadays surrounded by a well- built defencewall starting from the waters on both sides.

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