If you follow the coastline southwards from Gaskil, halfway to the southern banks of desert, you will pass by the small village of Somerset. This village consists of six small cottages, spread out on the hills that slopes down to the water. The villagers are all fishermen and therefore their whole existence is based upon fishing. They fish from the rocks along the shoreline or sometimes further out in small boats. This fishing supports the village in food, making them self providing. They also sell alot of fisch to Gaskil, since the great city has a large harbour and is not suited for fishing. They deliver fish every day transporting on a farm cart.

Another interesting fact about the villagers is that they have grown exceptionally fond of the poetic language, to such a degree that their conversations are always based on rhymes, making them a bit hard to understand sometimes but very intriguing storytellers.

The village leader is called Will and lives with his wife Dorthy and their daughter Lucy.

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